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Advantages of Binance Exchange

One of the principal causes that Binance exchange is so successful is because they list so many different cryptocurrencies. There are more than 100 various cryptocurrencies available at Binance. They cover from well-known coins such as Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) to smaller coins like ZCoin (XZC) and CyberMiles (CMT).


· High Volume Trading

As Binance has become one of the most popular exchanges to purchase, trade and sell cryptocurrencies, there are lots of trades happening all the time. This is an important factor as it means you have a better chance of selling your cryptocurrency immediately, if and when you need to.


· ICO launch pad

Binance is quite established for recording new cryptocurrencies as soon as their ICO has finished. This confirms that many crypto organizations view Binance as their preferred exchange. Binance doesn’t just list any old cryptocurrency though, it has to really establish itself as a solid cryptocurrency for Binance to list it.

· Flat Fees

When trading crypto-to-crypto, another unique characteristic of the exchange is that Binance fees are one of the lowest in the industry.  On every trade, Customers are charged 0.1% which means if an individual traded 1 ETH, he would only be charged 0.001 ETH.


· Prizes

Traders who are regular on Binance exchange have the opportunity to win prizes.  These prizes vary at all times and have so far incorporated cryptocurrencies that are absolutely free, such as Ontology (ONT) and Waves (WAVES).

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